Thursday, 30 August 2012

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week designer - Lui Hon

When looking through a prism, the colour reflected is full of undiscovered possibilities. The shapes, the light, the natural beauty. Your mind is left to wander.

Lui Hon has managed to channel this intrigue and create a gorgeous Spring / Summer collection - 
Prism of Light.

The silhouettes do not conform to any generic mould or fall under any misapprehension of what is beautiful. Hon interprets the prism of light and delivers a collection that is conceptually elegant and forward thinking. Structurally sound and built on vision, Lui Hon is an impressive canvas for showcasing individuality.

Like the colours of the prism, the cool cobalt blue strikes imagination and helps to make this ruffled dress glow with playful sensuality. The addition of the tassled, knee length pants and platform shoes lift the look from ordinary - this look is adaptable to different situations, and with the right accessories, would complement a range of personalities. 

Dramatic and feminine, Lui Hon understands how to create pieces that are designed to highlight the essential needs and wants of a woman. The need to be comfortable, the want to be sexy. The need for that perfect fit, the want for that bold statement. Each piece is inherent with desire.

Sometimes the wonder that arises when looking through a prism in not just what you can see - it's what you can't see that draws inspiration. Lui Hon has cleverly injected darker shades into the collection, and  with the use of heavier fabrics, this makes for a sophisticated take on what has traditionally been the domain of vibrant colour and sheer.

Who said the warmer months could not ooze refinement and beauty. The stunning contrast between the luscious blue wrap and the pure white, superbly tailored dress is undeniably glamorous. And with the cut out sides showing just that little bit of somethin' somethin', sexy is word. Who wouldn't want this to wear to the next summer BBQ or road trip to the beach? Perhaps not.. But there must be a Summer ball or Christmas function screaming for this to be bought now? Right now! 

Wearing Lui Hon is like wearing fine art - divine.

You will find Lui Hon showcasing during Runway 1 at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week on Tuesday 4 September.

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Naomi Watts - yes gurl!

Loving Naomi Watts at the Venice Film Festival carrying a gorgeous Prada bag and looking very summer chic!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Summer Trends - Sunglasses

After spending the weekend under the sun (and escaping the miserable Victorian weather!) I'm in the mood for Summer - and my favourite accessory, sunglasses, is on the top of my wish list.

Dress up, dress down, by the pool, out for lunch - every situation calls for a chic pair of sunglasses to carry that Summer look from casual to something special.

And don't think you have to spend hundreds of $$. Bulk up your collection with a couple of well-suited, budget-friendly pieces to accessorise every outfit. However, there is always room to invest in one or two special pairs to really show off that Summer sophistication and uber style. Here are some great examples of women's and men's designs that I wouldn't mind having in my collection (well, the men's ones anyway)

Carrera - Safari/A

Carrera - Grand Prix 2

Carrera - so so cool. The lenses are generally oversized and imposing, which is a fabulous way to draw attention in the crowd. 'Racing-car' chic never looked so good. The men's glasses are masculine, sleek and strong, while the women's designs give the wearer a thelma & louisesque feel - an empowered confidence. Don't be afraid to look confident and borderline self-indulgent - why not!?

Gucci - Large Square Frame

Gucci - Medium Rectangle Frame

Gucci - need I say more. It's Gucci. Always classic, always going to transcend a look into another sphere of sophistication. Clean lines, refined elegance and a sense of Italian cool that creates the ultimate sense of style that everybody deserves to feel. It's all about the way we feel, not the way others feel about us. Feel good. Get Gucci.

Marc Jacobs - Oversized Sunglasses
Marc Jacobs - Black Havana Framed Aviator

Some designers do things well. Marc Jacobs knows sunglasses. Provocative, yet dignified. Classic, yet contemporary. A pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses is going to remain in style for years to come and is going to complement any number of looks. Invest I say, invest! With so many styles to choose from, it was even hard choosing my favourites to highlight here. But take a look yourself, you can't go wrong.

Thierry Lasry - Agony 220

Thierry Lasry - Anorexxxy v060

Thierry Lasry is a revelation to me when it comes to sunglasses for women. Individual, bold and timeless, Lasry's vintage yet cutting edge collections are the ultimate in personal style and expression. Beautifully made and accented with demure yet engaging design and pattern. Thierry Lasry sunglasses really are a statement in personality. Be yourself - be the best of yourself! Show off and have fun. Definitely worth having a pair of these.

Browse the collections at:

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Etro - A Kaleidoscope of Colour


A journey through colour, through time, through life.

Etro's collections are not only eye-catching, they are mesmerising. 

You let your eye stop and before you know it you are staring at the whimsical patterns and free flowing fabrics - losing yourself in a moment of beauty and longing. 

In a land of fantasy, the rhythm underlying Etro's Spring / Summer collections is harmonious with the pulse of the fabrics. Movement is everywhere. You can feel the genesis that is being cultured through the ideas and imaginings that the pieces embody. The use of colour to convey feelings and emotions is inherent throughout. 

Staring through the twilight zone, you can see the craftsmanship and the purest sense of adventure that the designers at Etro have embarked upon. The abstractionist use of cut and line, and the contrasting use of tone and pattern, all create pieces that are individual, natural and ultimately, emotional.

Warm and cool colours are used in a form of symbiosis, engendering a feeling of completeness and fulfillment. The collection is truly a journey. The loose fitting pants. The flowing, uninhibited dresses. The tribal, electric prints. Each piece throughout the collections speak of the season.  

The women's collection is particularly fearless and imposing. The vivid prints and engaging use of colour empower the wearer and entrance the beholder. Powerful and attractive, the linear patterns draw the eye and make the perfect canvass for expressing a vibrant, unapologetic personality.


It is the variety within Etro's collections that is most impressive. The abundance of colour, the unpredictable shapes and the unassuming patterns, all make for a showcase of imagination and confidence. Not every designer could pull off such a task using such a broad palette of ideas and inspirations. But Etro is as complex as it is talented. Etro is dream within a dream. The whirlpool of light and colour is born through an organic mind-altering experience that translates into utterly beautiful and totally desirable clothes.

Love it.

To experience more Etro, visit:

You can also buy some fabulous Etro wear at:

Luisaviaroma have a great range of excellent, high end designers, including Etro, and they ship to Australia. YAY!

Check it out.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Clutch onto a McQueen

Truth or dare?

Truth - Alexander McQueen is always radical, exciting and adrenaline inducing.

Dare - Go on... I dare you... Buy something! 

It may be coming into the warmer months down here in the Southern Hemisphere, but I think you could be forgiven for indulging in McQueen's pre-Autumn (Fall) collection of seriously hot clutch bags. 

Ok, they're going to set you back a couple of thousand hard-earned pennies (or maybe even slightly more for the Python Knucklebox) - but they are ohhhhh so good. And hey, that tax cheque has to be spent on something, right? At least with a McQueen clutch bag you're not only guaranteed quality and uber coolness, but you are guaranteed to transform yourself into someone new and completely wild everytime you pick one up.

The Gold Studded Suede Knucklebox Cluth
Chic - Sophisticated - SEXXXXXXY!

The Britannia Skull Box Clutch
Rule Britannia, Rule the World - BABY!

The 3D Leather Baroque Punk Skull Box
This ain't no High Tea - BITCH!

The Wave Python Knucklebox Clutch
Now this is AMAZE! If only I could get away with a clutch! .... could I?

Don't be afraid - discover who you are and live a little.

Check out for more and have a little fun.

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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week designer: Manning Cartell

Watching the Myer Spring / Summer 2013 launch the other night, Manning Cartell was a particular stand-out. Jennifer Hawkins looked flawless - as did the other girls. 

Cute, fresh and youthful - Manning Cartell's collection epitomises Springtime glamour. 

A fashion house of three sisters, Cheryl, Vanessa and Gabrielle, Manning Cartell is a collaboration of artistic talent and vision. Their collections are ultimately feminine and contemporary. They use prints and patterns as a vehicle to bring their pieces to life and define the female form in a way that embodies a sense of sophistication and effortlessness.

The Rainbow Dragon Dress
Manning Cartell's designs (like the Rainbow Dragon Dress above) engender a chic simplicity that is the essence of good design and wearability. Women want to wear Manning Cartell because they can feel sexy and confident, without being intimidated or overwhelmed.

Vertical strokes (cute, cute) shorts and jacket

Again, the (deceptively) simple look above is complemented by the clever use of the 'strokes' and the immaculate tailoring, giving this look an intelligent edge. The cut of the mini-shorts give an air of rebellion and individuality, with the jacket and lose fitting shirt carrying the look to a (sexy) degree of practicality and completeness.

The Rainbow Dragon Silk Dress

Striped sneakers dress - elegant realness!
 The striped sneakers dress above is a primary example of Manning Cartell's ability to weave elegance and sophistication into what is a playful and free-spirited collection. The straight lines and the demure colour palette help to elevate this dress.

Freakin love this - The Jewel Box Skirt (metallic sequin!) 
 The look above is one of my favourites. The use of metallic sequin on the skirt is is punchy and dramatic, yet Manning Cartell have refined their design to create something that is svelte and seductive. Styled with the black techno belt and the Jewel Box Tee - winning!

Manning Cartell will be showcasing their Spring collection during Runway 2 of the
Melbourne Spring Fashion Week - Designer Series, on Wednesday 5 September.

I have my ticket and I can't wait. 

For more of the collection and to shop, shop, shop - visit:

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Monday, 20 August 2012

Roberto Cavalli - for TARGET!

Yep - Roberto Cavalli is coming to a Target near you!

Karolina Kurkova looking HOTTT!

Casual daywear.

Glamorous party pieces.



Target's successful designer series, (which has included pieces by Stella McCartney, Dita Von Teese and Alice McCall) is set to continue with the sleek Italian designs (and animal prints!) of Florence-born designer, Roberto Cavalli.

With pieces ranging from $49 to $129, and coming in sizes 8 to 16, something tells me this particular campaign for Target is going to be huge.

And it all starts 31 October 2012.

Get ready gurls!

More at

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Friday, 17 August 2012

The Flip Side @ Zimmermann

Twenty years after the Zimmermann sisters opened their first boutique in Sydney, their ready-to-wear and swimwear collections are now available in high-end stores across the globe, including Zimmermann's own stores in Los Angeles and New York.

Zimmermann is one of Australia's most successful and respected fashion labels. And you can see why. Their 2012 'Flip Side' Spring / Summer collection is fresh and fun - and a very welcome reminder of the warmer months heading our way. Long days, balmy nights and clear skies - Zimmermann encapsulates the essence of Spring / Summer season, with their bright floral prints and eye-catching colours.


I love the above look. The collared shirt, the length of the sleeves and the tropical skirt create an eclectic look that is relevant and individual. The orange, arabian inspired strapped heels give the dress an extra dimension - a powerful kick of class and desire! 

Moving away from the tropical floral, Zimmermann have toned down the pattern and dressed it up for an upgrade to first class. Who doesn't love this? The strapless dress is defined by a well placed belt, high enough to give the wearer height and to separate and define the top from the graceful cut and wrap of the lower fabric, strategically revealing a long, sensual leg and the silver glimmer of a Summer must have - the strappy heel.

Zimmermann continues to inspire a want for more. The sisters continue to create collections the ooze the sophistication and craftsmanship that comes with experience and understanding. Understanding that has developed over time and evolved into an awareness of what is current and chic without being over-stated and unapproachable. The looks are simple yet individual, classic yet modern, and always high-end. Love.

Check out for more

OR to do a little shopping at,

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Colours of Summer - Myer SS 2012 launch!

Myer’s Spring / Summer launch is premiering tonight in Sydney and Jennifer Hawkins is doing a splendid job promoting it, looking downright fabulous in the paper today wearing a contemporary, tribal gown by master couturier Toni Maticevski.  

Jennifer Hawkins models a Toni Maticevski dress for Myer
Photo courtesy of the Herald Sun -

Myer’s ‘theme’ for tonight’s show is South African inspired - hence the vibrant, deep red colour, the wild cuts and the savannah-esqe fabric Maticevski has used in creating Jen's dress. (Although, somehow I don’t think we would see (or possibly wear) this while on safari!)

‘The Colours of Summer’ campaign that Myer is launching is gearing up to be an exciting showcase of this season’s latest trends and looks, all set in the stunning backdrop of South Africa.

Besides Maticevski, I will be watching to see creations by Jayson Brunsdon, Aurelio Costarella and Manning Cartell, who I think are some of this season’s most exciting designers. I can’t wait to see what they have in store. (I'll be in Melbourne, so will be watching live on the Myer website!)
Visit for more.

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Miley's new hairdo...

I love it.

It's rebellious and super cool.

And the platnium blonde rocks. Peace out.


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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

London = HOT Spice!

The Spice Girls performance at the closing ceremony in London was even better than expected (and frankly, I expected a lot) - it was fantastic. The whole performance was choreographed with class and the Girls looked like they enjoyed themselves as much as the viewers (and the screaming stadium) did. Afterwards, everyone was talking about fashionista Victoria and her gorgeous Giles dress -so was I. Everyone was also humming Spice up your Life on the tram the following day - don't pretend you weren't.

Victoria looked great, but I don't think the other Girls should be overlooked. In fact, I thought they were all stand outs!

The Girls looked fabulous.

Geri looked typically flamboyant and sexy, with her gold leaf boots and union jack branded, bright red cocktail dress, she really had everyone looking at her!

Emma was trademark sweet, but like always, she carries with her a glimpse of sex appeal. The mini-hot pink dress with the v-line chest just made everyone want to Holler!

Sporty Mel C looked, well, sporty. But that doesn't take away from how amazing she is looking. Fresh, fit and fabulous. Well done Mel C - great to see you back on the world stage (literally) and looking fine. Who do you think you are? - Sporty, that's who.

Scary Mel B looked, well, scary. But she rocks it. Flashy, glittering, unapologetic - Mel B owns who she is and we love her for it. Those golden, sequined platform heels were incredible (especially on that high speed taxi) - kudos Scary, kudos! Viva Forever!

Spice up your life.

(how many more songs can I fit in? Say You'll be there, Mama, Wannab... What was that? Stop?)

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Delta Goodrem @ DJs

Did anybody see Delta Goodrem last night at David Jones' Spring / Summer launch for 2012?

Obviously people did, but WOW! How amazing does she look?

HUGE tick to Ginger & Smart for the stunning fabric and the contemporary Australian print.


Keep up the good work Delta!

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